List of Haters who Acted Highly Uncivilized, or Criminally, or Mentally Unsound, or ALL THE ABOVE, and our public responses to their false statements about us, and of their deliberate acts of defamation in attempt to harm our team's very significantly long track record of great success with helping a tremendous amount of our clients throughout many years:

Melinda Jean Woodard (this page) 
Mathew Dawson 

Melinda Jean Woodard
​Email: [email protected]
Phone: 901-830-0138
Address: 2883 ALFAREE STREET

Our case file for this prior client, is 888MB (almost a full gigabyte of case data), has 194 files, and 4 folders. We were hired on 3-24-20, and produced ongoing case developments, along with having ongoing client communications, reviews, case strategy discussions, the issuance of many Tasks for helping the client's case, and much more, all the way until April 2021 (over a full year working on this client's case. End result, her children were returned back to her from CPS, and she then became super narcissistic, desiring to claim all the credit and praise for herself. On 6-12-20, in Ms. Woodard's email, she wrote "I believe Hope's bipolar is from her father, he is not stable, he's been violent in the past, he tells fibs all the time!" ​
Our Team INVESTIGATES & FIGHTS for Your PARENTAL RIGHTS & puts a STOP & END to Court/Judicial, DSS, CPS,  Fraud and Corruption. "You helped me very much, in fact, much more than I expected towards getting my children back."
Amanda Holston, parent of three children. 
"Your company was very caring, informative, and knowledgeable in investigating my case with DSS and with helping us getting our child back where she belongs." Cindy Mason
Working hard to legally compel CPS to settle with our Clients.
Legally Shutting Down CPS Corruption Since 2009
We Put an End to DSS/CPS & Court Corruption, legally holding those in violation of Parental Rights ACCOUNTABLE.
Providing PRO BONO (free) licensed investigations NATIONWIDE when possible, for anyone who has been involved with DSS CPS, to support and advocate PARENTAL RIGHTS and Civil Rights lawsuits, on a nationwide basis.

If Your Case Was in Wilkes County, NC, it's automatically FREE. We help our clients by expertly structuring a defense, while applying legal pressure, consequences, and exposure on those whom are involved in corruption and responsible for violating PARENTAL RIGHTS.
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For Your Due-Diligence - Complaints Made About Us from Haters - Here are the haters who we truly believe are so mentally ill and uncivilized, that they cast blame on practically everyone else surrounding their case (including us after we try our best to help them), and so they enjoy posting nasty defamatory statements on other sites, likely hoping true parents, will believe their lies about us, so they won't try to get the very great help they need, and for them to suffer like these losers (as it's known, misery loves company).  For trying to post a response on those sites, either those websites have "Terms of Use" etc. that once signed, forbids the person to post a copy of their site's contents, etc., that is even if they allow the victim of that defamation to even respond at all.  Really??  So HERE is the truth about those 'complainants' so that our very many Civilized and Mentally Sound future clients can easily do their due-diligence rather than being mislead by miserable band-wagonning unfit or mentally unstable or very uncivil/nasty people.  We are fully state licensed to investigate for the full legal defense of ANY allegations including sexual.  However, please don't let people like Mathew Dawson of Northampton County PA, who emailed us well after we were hired, to inform us that he and his wife were 'Indicated' by the state, on three (3) counts of Sexual Abuse on their Daughter, while before that, taking almost a full month just to answer our standard Case Questionnaire form questions, then later go on to a site like, to blame our highly professional and highly caring legal investigative team, for their own faults, criminal acts, shortcomings, mental illnesses, and utter HATEFULNESS. They are now perpetually placed under investigation for those acts, and anyone is encouraged to contact us if they have also been a victim of their abusive behaviors.  Because true hatful people like Mathew Dawson exist, that is exactly why all of our Service Agreements (as well as State Statutory Laws) permit us to defend ourselves against any public claims made against us with disclosing any and all private and/or formerly confidential information whatsoever about the case so there are no misunderstands about who is making that complaint, their motives, their diagnosis of mental health problems, criminal charges, and more.  Because, NOBODY should be victimized by haters who wish to damage others just so they can feel they have company in their miserable lives. PERIOD.