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If Your Case Was in Wilkes County, NC, it's automatically FREE. We help our clients by expertly structuring a defense, while applying legal pressure, consequences, and exposure on those whom are involved in corruption and responsible for violating PARENTAL RIGHTS.
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CPS Case Help - Questions & Answers.
CPS Case Help - Questions & Answers

How to get help with a CPS case?  How do I get my CPS case Dismissed?  Where can I find help for my CPS case?  Will an attorney help me with my CPS case?  How to get help with an unfair, false, corrupt, and/or fraudulent CPS case?  How can I hold CPS members accountable and liable for violating my rights?  How can I sue CPS?  How can I fight CPS?  Is there a way to sue CPS?  Is there an attorney or law firm that sues CPS?  Is there a lawyer, attorney or law firm that handles parental rights? Is there a lawyer, attorney, or law firm that wins CPS cases?

One of the big underlying problems with obtaining quality help with CPS cases, especially those CPS cases that start off from the beginning as being highly adverse and bias against the parent or parents, is the fact that there are very few, and far in between ethical (keyword) attorneys whom are willing to truly advocate for their clients' rights and best interests in CPS cases.  Unfortunately, far too many unethical (keyword) attorneys will happily accept payment(s) for representing a parent's CPS case, however, with nothing more intended than to ride the coat-tails of whatever CPS demands of the parents to do, no matter how unfair it may be, and with no legitimate case plan structure ever put in motion from that start.  Instead, these unethical attorneys will say whatever they feel will instill enough hope and confidence in their clients, for the attorney to get hired and paid, just to later, ultimately advise the parent that the attorney's hands are tied, and that the parent is at the mercy of CPS, and the unfair judge or judges residing over the case.  The legal investigative team associated with ReturnMyChild.com, has proven year-after-year to be more effective with helping parents by securing the highest probative evidence, and preparing it for it's maximum effectiveness, to truly help their clients get through the numerous hindrances, set-backs, and CPS misrepresentations, and ultimately, reaching success with closing the CPS case in their favor, with seeing their children returned back to them.  One example, is the when the nation's top CPS case defense investigator Jon Scott, was able to build a case against a highly unethical licensed psychologist who reported false psychological disorders in his reports, which CPS then used against the parent in court.  As a result, that psychology (Dr. Harry G. Padgett), was forced by the state to surrender his license to ever practice again (State of North Carolina Psychology Board).
The legal investigative team associated with ReturnMyChild.com site, also legally pursues a case against any attorney whether court appointed, or paid and retained by the parent, for willful ineffectiveness, if those attorneys show evidence of such.  The ReturnMychild.com associated investigators will also testify in court to all evidence they produce, as necessary.  The ReturnMychild.com associated investigators will also use lawful exposure strategies against member of CPS, to thwart the continuance of fraudulent acts committed by members of CPS.  The ReturnMychild.com associated investigators will also examine the full CPS case file to determine what evidence may be missing, and/or what evidence should be sought after to give the client the best possible change of reaching his/her case goals, and the team will take every legal step necessary and reasonable to gain that needed evidence, and/or to suppress, disprove, and quash any false or unfair allegations against the client (parents).  These are but only a few examples of a large variety of expert legal investigative actions and strategies that the ReturnMychild.com associated investigators will also pursue for each and every client, as appropriate. The ReturnMychild.com associated investigators will also secure the best possible evidence, and prepare that evidence for the client's (parent's) use for seeking to pursue litigation and namely, a Federal Civil Rights Violation lawsuit against CPS (Child Protective Services).  Most and hardly any attorneys, are willing to take on that challenge however, we work with the ones who DO.

Can I Still Get Help With A Termination of My Parental Rights?

We are still very helpful many times to parents whom have had their rights terminated, for securing evidence and of its preparation for a diligent attempt to gain enough proof for our client's interest in pursuing a law suit and/or even possible criminal charges against anyone associated with the case.  We are still able work on proving a case of CPS fraud, CPS false reporting, any parental rights violations whatsoever, as well as against anyone else connected with the case, such as any attorney who has acted willfully ineffectively, any psychologists or other mental health personnel whom have reported false and/or bias information, any medical misdiagnosis, any false laboratory tests, and any other civil wrongs and/or criminal act(s) that we may possible gain probative evidence of. Yes, even with a TPR, many clients have still wanted to legally hold any of those people and/or their departments responsible for violating rights and laws, by exposure, complaint filing, and with any other legal means possible. Even with a TPR, parents also still want to legally determine the welfare of their child or children as for where they are located, how are they being cared for, whether they are being neglected and/or abused by careless fostering, and to see if we can help develop a bridge for communications between our client(s), and any foster or adopting parents, so that our client(s) can still be in the lives of their children, any legal way possible, even if a court ordered a termination of parental rights.
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