Introduction Summary of Recording of Dr. Harry Padgett (Please Read First then start the Player at the bottom when you have read the Summary, first):

This is a meeting between a North Carolina Licensed Psychologist and a person who has signed a Parental Reunification Plan for the purpose of being reunified with his child, who was advised to go see a psychologist after a woman who conducted a mental health assessment advised it in retaliation from being exposed for attempting to negotiate and bargain with the parent, to accept one or more psychological disorders (stating the parent could choose from one or the other) for the purpose of having his insurance pay for continued counseling services.  The Parent refused to accept any disorders that weren't necessary and/or appropriate (just for the sake of having insurance pay for it) and the counselor retaliated and advised DSS that the parent should undergo a full psychological evaluation. DSS then added it to the requirements of the Parental Reunification Plan for the parent to take and pay for a psychological evaluation with any licensed psychologist and that the parent would be required to comply with whatever the counselor recommends such as taking psychological counseling.  The original person who made the recommendation for psychological evaluation in retaliation for rejection of her proposal to accept a disorder just for the purpose of having insurance pay for further sessions, has been investigated by the insurance company for insurance fraud. Blue Cross & Blue Shield of NC has advised that Ms. Diana Ryder of New River Behavioral Healthcare, North Wilkesboro, NC, has withdrew from one or more claims after she was confronted that a "disorder" would not be a thing to negotiate simply for the purpose of having an insurance company pay for it. 

The first one on a list of three that was received by the parent and hand-written from a DSS worker's recommendations was Dr. Harry Padgett.  Dr. Padgett conducted a psychological evaluation and his report concluded with three or more disorders that the psychologist later would not give any logical or understandable answers as to how he arrived at the diagnosis.  

This of course was quite discouraging to the parent as anyone would like to know how a professional psychologist legitimately found any disorders.

After Dr. Padgett was informed that the North Carolina Psychology Board was informed of his lack in professional competence, he then invited the parent to have a follow-up visit to discuss the findings of the report and agreed that he would base his decision on this new meeting, as to whether or not he thought the parent actually needed psychological counseling.

In the original evaluation along with the follow-up meeting, the parent specifically stated that he is living a very positive and highly spirited life and maintains a very positive outlook on life and is functioning well throughout the days of his life as well as having great support and closeness of family, friends, and even clients.  However, Dr. Harry Padgett seemed to ignore all of that and instead reported a diagnosis of Depressive Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and Mania. 

In the follow-up meeting (what you are hearing now), the parent endured Approx. 75 minutes of Dr. Padgett communicating the following but not limited to:

He has to be careful of the CIA. He talked about his personal life with his wife and sister-in-law going to SC and about their dogs and cats and that his sister-in-law is blind. He would rambled on about some man talking about CFO which I had to clarify that he really meant UFOs, and then he delved into Roswell, conspiracy theory and etc. He himself is acting more Manic and overly enthusiast than the parent and had episodes of raising his voice loudly and jumping off the couch to proclaim his theories.  He talked about his trips to Switzerland, studying dreams and nightmares and analytical psychology, having two theology degrees and with one dealing in Greek theology.  Therefore, who was evaluating who? The parent gave Dr. Padgett feedback on Greek mythology and Dr. Padgett spoke about Socrates and Zeus. Dr. Padgett continued to ramble on about himself or about things that involved himself or about things involved in his life at some time or other, and in numerous directions that didn't have anything to do with the parent's question to him about how he came up with three or more different disorders nor the question whether he thought the parent needed psychological counseling (as agreed was the purpose of this follow-up meeting).

When the parent tried to remind Dr. Padgett that he was a professional licensed psychologist and that what he says is important and affects the lives of others greatly, he responded "They can have my license." 

Towards the end of the meeting when the parent finally confronted him and asked if he thought he needed psychological counseling, based on the 'discussion', he said that the parent does because he is manic and came up with the reasoning with this explanation "You just are!"  

Dr. Padgett also became hostile and raised his voice stating that the fact that the parent was divorced was grounds for needing psychological counseling.

Dr. Padgett also said the reason for his recommendation was because the parent 'thought he was alright' and refused to explain what he meant and said that he himself wasn't alright and that everyone could use psychological help including himself.  Dr. Padgett even became profound and called the parent a "turd" and continued to make no sense in his reasoning nor would he give the parent any understandable answer to how he came up with depressive disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety disorder, or mania.  One of his final reasoning's for his recommendations was that "Because you think you have it all together. Nobody has it all together."  Dr. Padgett later contradicted that statement with "Well then maybe you do have it all together." "Then you don't need me then."

As a result of this horribly incompetent evaluation followed by continued grossly incompetent communication with Dr. Harry Padgett, another psychological evaluation was conducted by a different licensed psychologist who found none of these "disorders" that Dr. Harry Padgett claimed.  Inv. Jon Scott reported Dr. Harry Padgett to the NC Psychology Board and after their investigation, he was forced to surrender his license to practice.  See the image below of the letter that Inv. Jon Scott received from the NC Psychology Board.
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