Our Team INVESTIGATES & FIGHTS for Your PARENTAL RIGHTS & puts a STOP & END to Court/Judicial, DSS, CPS,  Fraud and Corruption. "You helped me very much, in fact, much more than I expected towards getting my children back."
Amanda Holston, parent of three children. 
"Your company was very caring, informative, and knowledgeable in investigating my case with DSS and with helping us getting our child back where she belongs." Cindy Mason
Large Monetary Settlements Are Also Reached.
Legally Shutting Down CPS Corruption Since 2009
We Put an End to DSS/CPS & Court Corruption, legally holding those in violation of Parental Rights ACCOUNTABLE.
Providing PRO BONO (free) licensed investigations NATIONWIDE when possible, for anyone who has been involved with DSS CPS, to support and advocate PARENTAL RIGHTS and Civil Rights lawsuits, on a nationwide basis.

If Your Case Was in Wilkes County, NC, it's automatically FREE. We aide and assist parents by expertly building a defense, while applying legal pressure, consequences, and exposure on those whom are involved in corruption and responsible for violating PARENTAL RIGHTS.
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We are the ORIGINAL and fully state licensed investigative firm, that continues to be the truly hardest fighting and advocating for Parental Rights, and for the end of CPS (Child 'Protective' Services) Fraud and Corruption. As being the Founder and Chief investigator since 2009, we have helped very many families on a case-by-case basis, with helping them finally get as organized as possible with their cases (a main thing that their pretend Court Appointed 'attorneys' do very little to nothing of).  

We start with having a good case assessment with the prospective client to learn about the main problems and issued the parent(s) is/are dealing with. We then offer a quote for hiring our team, based upon that assessment information, then provide a full Case Questionnaire as our foundation to work on their cases once we are hired. However, and very unfortunately, many parents simply cannot come up with the money we need for us to truly spend the time needed to work on their cases and with keeping up with them ongoing.  

The reason many do not have the money is because they have been dealing with a very unfair, corrupt, and full-on fraudulent CPS department that has forced them to attend many non-productive 'case review meetings', and to undergo unnecessary long-term psychological counseling, where the psychologists works in collusion with CPS, to never recommend any end to the counseling, or to set goals to be met in order to see the parent finally get their child or children back home. It is a very viscous and deliberate cycle that keeps CPS departments, the judge, the case workers, the psychologists, the pretend court appointed attorneys, and many others, to have an ongoing paycheck and career. Without putting a parent through a truly unnecessary and quite 'abusive' meat grinder case of CPS and court judicial fraud and corruption, they wouldn't have their jobs (entirely true).

Our mission is to use the very gracious funds that YOU provide to use towards helping our clients in getting the true help they need in their existing CPS cases, and secondly, for our group to be in a better position to legally pursue all possible ways to have the laws changed so that these very corrupt CPS departments cannot continue to maintain their long-reign of evil tyranny and dictatorship over the rights of parents. That fund will be created in a separate GoFundMe campaign. THIS campaign is exclusively for helping our actual clients to be more able to afford hiring our powerful licensed investigative team, for their existing cases that they have come to us seeking help for. 

USE OF FUNDS WILL BE DOCUMENTED AT OUR SITE: ReturnMyChild.com to show for triumphs and success with our cases as appropriate and at our good discretion, of the tremendous help that YOU have made possible for very many truly struggling parents. Our clients many times fully admit they have made one more mistakes and/or had some shortcomings in their lives, but have been trying harder than hell to better themselves and to do everything asked of them by CPS, to get their child or children back. CPS however, continues to create one new ridiculous and unnecessary hurdle and delay after the other, with no end in sight for these parents, which many times leads to very many months of willful betrayal, deceit, and willful misrepresentation of facts to the court - eventually leading to full Termination of Parental Rights and Adopting the parents' child or children out. This is EXTREMELY unfair and PAINFUL to these parents and THEY need your help desperately! I know personally, because I've had to deal with a CPS case many years ago myself, from a one-time accidental hard spanking to my son's behind, - where I've learned first-hand, what the face of CPS fraud and corruption looks like. The full story is located at our site! THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR HELP!  

Very sincerely,
Jon Scott, Chief Licensed 
CPS/DSS Parental Rights 
Defense & Litigation Investigator
25+ Years Total Investigative Exp.
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Dear Warriors for your child or children - Parents,                    

You've asked for it many times..  And it's now here!  Finally, our very first GoFundMe Campaign for Parental Rights and for ENDING CPS Fraud and Corruption both case-by-case, and in its entirety by finally having these corrupt powers TAKEN AWAY from these fraudulent and fully corrupt CPS departments.  This first GoFundMe campaign is strictly for helping our Clients to cover the costs of putting our powerful legal investigative team to work on their cases.  We can Greatly Lower fees for New Clients, out of the funds that we receive, so Please post this GoFundMe to ALL possible media locations, so we can ALL finally get the Justice NEEDED.   Ready to take it to the highest level for Parental Rights Justice??  Please email to let us know you want to join our GoFundMeTEAM! - Inv. Jon Scott
​If more Visitors of this Site Would Please Make a Donation You Could Afford (whether it be $2.00 or $2,000.00), You WILL See Results of Major Changes in CPS, not only on with our many cases, but as for having our team legally taking each and every possible step in Changing the Corrupt POLITICAL ARM of CPS, using every investigative ability imaginable.   What's more? For any future case that our client wins over a million dollar lawsuit or settlement against CPS, while YOUR donation helped make our involvement in that case possible, we will happily be GIVING BACK 10X or more of whatever the amount donated, at our full discretion and choice (meaning it cannot be a stated guarantee otherwise, it may be considered as an attempt at making an investment rather than the main purpose, which is for very much-needed help with legally taking on corrupt CPS cases and their departments nationwide.  - Inv. Jon Scott.
Get Licensed Legal Help With Your Case NOW.  ALL Prospective Clients MUST begin by having Inv. Jon Scott do a quality assessment of your case. The fee is only $45.00 and is Truly REFUNDABLE IF NOT FULLY SATISFIED (processed and backed by Amazon Consumer Fraud Protection).