Judge Mitchell L. McLean: A Fraudulent and Corrupt Judge Attempted to VINDICATE himself by impulsively pretending to be a hero to drowning persons, meets his fate with KARMA.

Why such ill words against a dead man?  VERY MANY PEOPLE, Not Just Myself, truly believe that Mitchell L. McClean felt that he must somehow VINDICATE (Definition: to clear somebody or something of blame, guilt, suspicion, or doubt) himself from the ONLINE EXPOSURE of his entirely corrupt actions in committing DSS/CPS FRAUD. Before the days of the Internet, these corrupt judges were able to crush and stampede all over the rights of parents while having little to nobody else ever knowing about it. Those days are OVER. I do not claim to be Dr. Phil – to me this is simply the reality of a man whose wicked disregard for good morale and ethics has resulted in his family and close friends learning about his corruption online (i.e. ReturnMyChild.com and other locations) – where the stresses and his own conscious of knowing that those family, friends and colleagues knew he was guilty as sin for wrecking havoc and running a very corrupt courtroom. 

Would they tell him to his face what a spineless loser he is? No. But Mitchell knew he had to do something extraordinary to put these many criminal acts of his behind him and to lessen the doubt in the minds of his family, friends, and colleagues. Ah-ha! Perfect opportunity! I can jump in the water and become a hero by rescuing the distressed swimmers! That should help to VINDICATE my corrupt acts that I perform so well in my courtroom! Perhaps I can then look at my wife and children again in the eyes and not feel that they see right through me for being a filthy rich manipulator of the United States Justice System - that I am. Think about it, why would a man who has a wife and children take such a wild risk (he could have dialed 911 for assistance or possibly found a rope to throw, or coached them to swim with the current and not against it - etc). I’m a firm believer that he acted the way he did not because he had the heart of a hero. He did so because he had the heart of greed, deception, fraud, and corruption – and needed to find a way to bury it from the minds of not only his family and friends, but also from the UNKNOWING Public (whom were increasingly starting to finally know).

I am also a Christian (certainly not a perfect one) and do not take any pleasure for writing negatively about anyone ESPECIALLY post mortem. In fact, Mitchell L. McLean has been such a menace to society and judicial anarchist – that he indeed represents the first and only person I’ve taken the time write about in a negative fashion – after death. 

I’m sure he’s done some good things that many people have appreciated. I’m sure he’s loved by several many family members – maybe even some friends. Does that change the fact that I believe the world’s an incredibly better place with him no longer being in it – no it doesn’t. My view and report on Mitchell L. McClean is also supported by thousands of others whom are so thoroughly disgusted with DSS/CPS corruption – that even writing negatively about someone after they are off the face of the planet – is something worth doing – in sincere effort to support parental rights and end the DSS/CPS fraud and corruption that men like Mitchell L. McClean have became masters at orchestrating.

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By, Inv. Jon Scott

This filthy-rich, greedy, Wilkes County, NC 'judge' - received KARMA. He has committed FRAUD for many years allowing the Dept. of Social Services (CPS) to act like tyrants and walk all over parental rights - destroying families - while entertaining dog and pony shows in his courtroom with CPS attorneys presenting willfully false, misleading, deceptive, information and arguments. Good riddance - you disgusting piece of garbage. He will now be answering to his God (Satan).