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Covid-19 Coronavirus Public Notice of Responsibility, Accountability, and Positive Words for Comforting and Reducing Anxiety:

Published: Sat 4-11-20

Author: Inv. Jon Scott

Our company is now helping each and every client with overcoming this dreadful Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic, starting with 25% off of our standard service fees, which we will continue to honor for all new clients up until June 1, 2020 (may be extended depending on Covid-19 circumstances at that time).

During this Coronavirus Pandemic, all new cases are given 25% off (valid through now until August 1st 2020). What's also very positive during these times, is that new Investigative Strategies are also being created and deployed routinely for our clients, catering to the special circumstances of these even more difficult times. With CPS, their court judges, and associated entities making further delays for family reunification in CPS cases, using the excuse of COVID-19, we are ramping up our legal investigative strategies to leverage our position to help our clients very dynamically during these times - when it may seem like things are at a stand-still. We will legally take every powerful investigative step we can think of and create, to make this an opportunity for our clients' advantage and success at reaching goals - catered to all circumstances of each case.  Our strategies also focus on distance issues and shutdowns of businesses and other services that are a part of a CPS case. Our mission is to see this as a true positive and benefit in every way possible - for our clients.

Under special circumstances we will also be offering more pro bono (free) cases.  If our clients can show they have been greatly impacted financially and/or health-wise by this Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic, they may qualify for a completely cost free case.  However, there are two sides to that coin.  The fact that a parent or family is in very low income or poverty does also unfortunately, make things that much more difficult for a CPS court to be willing to permit a family and child or parent and child reunification.  As most people are very well aware, it does take stable income and finances to be able to raise a family and provide for a child or children.  That said, we hope this offering isn't to be taken ill-advantage of by folks hoping to just score a freebie - since we absolutely need proper funds to work these cases, and can only rely on steady and routinely hiring new clients whom provide us the funds we need, to be able to extend our help at a discount, when we are able to close some cases earlier than expected (providing us the ability to apply that unneeded extra case work time, towards others cases at a lower cost).

All considerations for pro bono (free) cases still will only happen once we have first conducted our full Investigative Case Assessment (available at the link at the top of the page).