Dynamic Covid-19 (Cornonavirus) Theories of What Should Have Been Done, What Still Can Be Done, and Why it's Beneficial to Allow the Body to Naturally Heal Itself, and Overcome Covid-19.

By. Jon Scott,
Published: Monday, May 11, 2020

Let's face the facts (surely an ideal beginning choice of words for a highly specialized state licensed private investigator).  Statistical facts show that influenza (the flu), has killed, and will continue to kill, many more people than Covid-19 Coronavirus.  That to me speaks volumes of this 'pandemic' sizing up to be very similar to just another very nasty wave of one of the more lethal flu viruses such as the H5N1 'Bird Flu' and the N1H1 'Swine Flu'.  Both are very dangerous and deadly airborne viruses, but again, what's 'comforting' to know is that, both have caused many more deaths (statistically), than Covid-19 Cornonavirus.  Comforting you say?!  With zero narcissism, throughout life beginning from adolescence, I've prayed very wholeheartedly to have very great health, great wisdom, great knowledge, great peace, great love, great happiness, and great strength against evil, for not just myself, but for each and every human being on earth.  I'm without a shadow of a doubt that my life's accomplishments, lifestyle, and blessings, are plenty of proof those special requests were granted many times over.  These theories that I offer to all my relatives under God, fellow citizens, and people of the world, are therefore simply a reflection of what I believe are genius and highly intelligent ways to think about this problem, and how to solve it.

Issue 1.  What could have been done better, and what still can be done better. 

How about let's dive right it and not beat around the bush. The simple facts tell me it was never necessary in the first place, for ANYONE to be out of a job (and especially to suffer losses of being out of employment, and/or out of business altogether). I'm aware that it's extremely poor grammar to repeat the same sentence, however, I'll compromise and just ask you to please take a moment to read that above sentence just once more before proceeding. Thank you in advance. :-)

Why did no one ever need to lose their jobs and businesses over this Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic?  There are many very true and highly important reasons why no one needed to lose their job or their business over this Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic because, starting with these  facts and highly logical points:

The most intelligent (and genius) immediate national and Federal response to this viral outbreak, should have been to simply require people to wear their masks (air breathing filters) for a specified amount of days/months, when out in public places, and/or any private places that involve private business or social gatherings.  Albeit, there may not have been enough 'medical grade' masks at the time to go around for everyone however, there were plenty feasible alternative masks that could have been used until the higher percentage of protection (medical grade) masks were available for everyone.  

There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever, that the very best protection masks could have been supplied very many times faster, and far less expensively, than the time and expenses that went into Government procuring of ventilation machines, issuing billions in stimulus checks and grants (where much of that got used up in no time), and many other unnecessary Governmental expenditures.  

Very importantly, most people whom are capable of standing firmly on their own two feet, working a day job, playing sports, going to the gym, and in doing other public activities - are not in the senior citizen, or underlying health issues categories.  Whereas, it has indeed been just those two main categories, that have suffered the vast majority of fatalities from the Covid-19 Coronavirus. The many millions of others whom were healthy and capable enough, to overcome the virus if ever infected by it, by very far, outnumber the totals of the fatalities.  Once again, it's also those two main categories of people, whom have also succumbed to fatalities year after year, from just an average flu bug, alone (not the millions upon millions who made it through).

Issue 2.  The benefits of the body naturally healing and curing itself of covid-19.

It's wise to overcome the virus naturally, rather than shriveling away in hiding, stresses, and anxieties (major causes of physical illnesses all by themselves).  Isn't it wonderful how one sentence pretty much speaks volumes all by itself without further elaboration?! =) Nonetheless, what self-respecting highly specialized private investigator - doesn't elaborate more as needed..

To overcome Covid-19, there is a huge lesson and genius message for us all to take very seriously, from the movie War of the Worlds (referring to both the original classic, and more recent version of the movie, as they both have the same powerful message).  If you haven't yet seen this 'must-see' classic, first off, shame on you! Just kidding.. Sci-fi movies aren't for everyone (I suppose? -scratches head-).  

The super genius message of the movie that promotes the thriving of human evolution, is at the very end.  Earth was under a major alien attack. Everything in Earth's arsenal was deployed to defend against the invaders, and to eliminate them to no avail. Nothing, not even our most supreme weaponry would put a scratch on any of their untouchable spacecrafts and technologies.  Our lands, major metropolises such as NYC with is many spectacular skyrises, were laser beamed into crumbles and dust. We as a human civilization worldwide, were facing impending doom.  That is until bizarrely, the massive death ships were eventually found to fall from the sky one-by-one on their own!  Those super-advanced and intrepid world conquerors - were all dying from catching a simple common cold!  Their biology just could not match the centuries of human evolution for adapting to, overcoming, and becoming immune to all sorts of nasty colds and flues!  

This brings me to the logical belief that it's better to let the body naturally get rid of the virus (and as my sister who is an RN, and a medical doctor who I play tennis with both have concurred, many viruses just run their courses and are gone), for the purpose of gaining healthy antibodies that can better defend from, and possibly entirely prevent, any further re-infections.  Essentially "What doesn't kill us makes us stronger".

To allow the body to become infected for a natural cure and healing, has also brought me to an even higher-brown theory.  Throughout many years, top scientists have urged and warned of many waves to come of different deadly airborne viruses. This Covid-19 pandemic, is spot-on proof.  Likewise, what's to say that the next major deadly airborne virus isn't twice as virulent, contagious, and namely, more harmful to the body than Covid-19? What if a super-virus or nasty relative of Covid-19 comes around, that causes twice the physical problems than Covid-19? This leads me to believe that by allowing the body to naturally overcome the lesser deadly virus (in this example the current Covid-19), by letting the immune system build up, strengthen, and produce powerful defending antibodies on its own - could possibly be even a necessity (keyword), for being able to overcome a similar but more harmful and deadly virus.  In other words, I believe that by gaining the antibodies to Covid-19, it creates a physical strengthening and 'human evolving' that may be necessary for being able to overcome any similar highly contagious virus.  

Doesn't that sound familiar to the War of the World's movie? - where one simple common cold on Earth, is all that it took to destroy the highly advanced alien attackers, who didn't have the centuries of biological and immunity evolution as what it took, for each one of us to still be living on this planet - to this very day. That is why I'm glad to freely say, I do believe I've had the Covid-19 virus, went through about a month of flu-like systems that were no walk in the park by any means, but finally back to normal and cheerfully empowered with my new trusty Covid-19 antibodies, and preparatory (stronger and more formidable) bio-system for what may be yet to come.  Then there's even the big bonus, for having more reassurance that any future unsuspecting hostile world takeover attempt by aliens - will be just that much more difficult for them, should they every wish to try it. ;-)

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